Sunday, 30 March 2014

Garage Door, Kitchen Benchtop, Internal Paintings, Part Tilings Update

Hi All,

Time for another update during the completion stage! Since the house is locked up, it is been hard to look into and last week we can't get into the house at all because it was being painted.

Next week the tiles will be finished and carpet / timber floor will start.

Then fitting the electrical :)

Now pictures time (all picture are taken from the outside)!

Current Front of The House with Garage Door Installed, Missing Render Colors!

Timber Post Painted with Corral. Can You Spot the Electrical Cable?

Looking at The Other Pier and Garage Door

Nearly Finished Kitchen with Cesarestone Bench-top Installed
Rumpus - All Painted (Grand Piano Quarter)
Room 2 
Laundry Room Tiles Partly Installed


  1. Looking lovely! :D

    I can't wait to see all the floorings laid.

    Any ideas when they'll put that render on? It just kinda feels like they got most of the front done and then decided "ah, bugger. I'll finish it off later". I mean, once they do that, we'll see the front in its full glory, yes? :)

    I do love your kitchen coming together though. Splashback next?

    Have they given you an idea of when it'll be all ready for you to move in? :D

    1. Not sure when they will put it on, probably because they still accessing the front door a lot they are worried it will scratch or damaged.

      I dont think they are going to do anymore about the kitchen until later but who knows ;)

      As for the moving date, I think PCI will be early next month or mid next month. Settlement should be end of may or early June if everthing goes well!! ;)