Saturday, 5 April 2014

Tiling Completed (missing a piece)

Hi All,

It has been another week and surprisingly when I come to the house today there is someone working so we can come in and have a look :)

I now can see the painting done very closely. I already can see some minor imperfections that I will bring up on the next inspection.

I will have my first meeting with SS this Wednesday, really want to put a face on the name :) He has been very helpful along the way but have never manage to meet him so I requested it and he will walk me trough the current house.

Bathroom with one Missing Tiles not sure why?

Bathroom Shower Niche with Silver Trim

Ensuite Shower

Laundry Sink

Laundry Floor


Shimmer White Cesarestone  (sparkles when there is lights above it)

Garage from The Inside

Current Hallway


  1. It's so beautiful, seeing it all coming together! :D

    You've picked the right colours - it's really complimented by the way the light streams in.

    I wonder if the reason you have a tile missing is that the order was just one tile short? It occasionally happens, or so a knowledgeable friend tells me.

    Either way, when the flooring is done, it will really be the icing on the cake for most of the house!

    How does it feel knowing that you're only a month or so away from moving in? ;)

    1. Hopefully it is going to look good.

      Hopefully when the timber floors and carpet is in as well because it will be the major color to fill the rooms as well.

      Kinda think we should choose a lighter garage door color like dune and make the gutter jasper instead of the garage door. When the coral render is in (like the timber post) to the front of the master bed room, it look like the house will look dark :(

      I wonder how much will it cost to re-paint the garage door? what do you think about our front facade colors?

      I feel very excited to move in! can't wait to stop paying rent and start shopping for the new furnitures!! :) :)

    2. The flooring will definitely add colour - and don't forget that once you've got furniture, etc, it will add tonnes of colour as well. :)

      The house will have a connected palette of dark colours - but don't forget that you'll have a garden out front and there's still a driveway to put in, both of which you can tailor to soften the darkness! Your colours for the front of the house work beautifully together, and that's the most important part I think.

      For my house, I've chosen light colours for brick and garage door, but that's because I know I get rather miserable during winter due to the all the grey dullness and dark colours make it worse for me. However, I chose a medium-dark green for my front render to give the whole thing some colour and so my facade won't be too light, and I've been investigating colourful plants to put into the front garden which will give me the colour I so desperately need. Some dwarf nandina plants are at the top of my list.

      I would hold off considering a change in your colours until you've got everything in, so you can see the whole effect. I think once you have in your selected driveway and some grass and plants like varigated English Box or something else that it light and bright, you will be really happy with the colours you chose. ;)

      New furnitures! :D So much fun shopping!! I absolutely ADORE shopping for furniture and other bits and pieces to dress a house up with. Will you blog about each room and you fill it with furniture and accents?

      I was just going back through your colour selections and realised that purely by coincidence, I've actually chosen the exact same flooring that you have. Right down to the carpet colour. Hahaha ^_^

    3. Thanks for the reply :) I will be using a light coloured exposed aggragate concrete for the driveway (currently hunting a concreter) and will definately consider the gardening option you have given :)

      What do you think fake grass or real grass on the front? (Will use real grass for the back yard)

      I will be blogging the furniture as well when it goes in!! :) especially since i will be changing some of the lights and still need to do the landscaping too!

      As for the timber and carpet, great! you will be able to see the installed picture soon even before your house started :)

  2. Light coloured exposed aggragate will look awesome with your facade :)

    When it comes to grass, it's really up to personal preference (and what the developer allows if you live in an estate). I'm both lazy and come from a family with grass allergies, so my own preference is fake, even though I've seen one place where there was a moldy-looking moss growing up through it!

    I look forward to watching your blog continue even after you've moved in, especially with the lights and furniture! :D