Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bricks & Plaster Completed

Hi all,

Another week has passed, brick has now been completed other than the front part of the house. The brick just need a bit of cleaning :)



Rooms Side

Garage Side

The plaster has also been completed just need to add cornice & skirting ;)

Lounge Double Door Opening


Front Door to the Back



Master Bed

Dining Room to Rumpus

Bedroom 2

Living Room

Dining Room


  1. I will confess that I had an awestruck gasp when I saw the first photo in this post, and only remember to breathe once I'd reached the bottom. So much has been done! Can you believe that just two months ago you were still at dirt stage?

    How long do you reckon it'll take them to finish it all off? 4, maybe 6 weeks at most? ;)

    So exciting!!

    What brick is that again? It's a lovely colour. Did you go with the standard mortar or off-white?

    1. Yup, I cannot believe it myself :) this has gone so quick with very minimal issue, still very happy with Carlisle!

      Hoping it will finish soon. However people say that when the outside is finished, than it will get slower...

      Next week they going to fix the kitchen.

      The brick is chestnut cat 1 with an off-white mortar :)

    2. I've read much the same about it slowing down after lock-up but judging by the forum comments, Carlisle seems to be the only one to continue on at a decent pace. So that's hopeful!

      Ah nice! My friends are having the chestnut brick. I opted for a lighter coloured brick, only because I knew I wanted a darkish colour for my render. :) The off-white mortar is so much nicer than standard. It really makes the bricks stand out.