Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fixing Completed

Hi All,

It has been more than one week now and it is time for an update. Since the house is already locked up, it is harder for us to come and check the house. However we manage to get in the house because the SS left the door open for us for a short time.

It is true that this stage is when it is the slowest however, I still can see progress going on the house. All the door has been installed just need to add the handles, keys and painted. Skirting installation is now finished and they have started working on the shower base. Painting will start tomorrow.

Ensuite Shower

Front Door

Master Bed Double Door

Robe Sliding door

Ensuite Double Door

Skirting Installed

Pipes Installed

Eaves Plaster Installed

Two Facade Lights and Sensor Location

I'm sure it is a normal building practice but looking that we already paid 80% of the building and still don't have flooring done is a bit unfair..


  1. I was beginning to wonder if you would manage another post this week, seeing as how you're locked out now :)

    It must be nice to see the rest of the doors attached now! I'm puzzled by why they have two bricks in the master bedroom though...

    You must be so pleased to see it shaping up so beautifully!

    I can't wait to see it all painted in your next post. :D

    1. Yup it is harder now, but it is for the sake of the house so we understand.

      Not sure about that brick, it was there since the brick started to be put it =p