Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lockup, Cornice, Kitchen Cupboard, Bathroom Cupboard, Laundry Cupboard

Hi All,

It has been another week passed and we just got our lockup invoice send to us last week. The house is now on fixing stage.

Cornices has been installed on the plaster and Laminex cupboard has been installed as well trough out the house. The Caesarestone for the kitchen will be added later on.

Master Ensuite


Kitchen Cupboard 1 - Missing Caesarestone benchtop

Kitchen Overhead Cupboard - Missing Exhaust Fan, White Glass Door and Glass Splashback

Kitchen Cupboard 2 - Missing benchtop, Sink, Dishwasher & Microwave

Kitchen Overall & Overhead Fridge Cupboard

The front of the house is now pre-rendered with the render base, the color will be added later.

Front Facade Pre-Rendered


Back of the House

Next week they will finish fitting up the kitchen, start fixing the doors and start painting :)


  1. Starting to look like a real house now! :D I can't believe all of your cupboards are in so quickly. I still stand by what I said originally - I'm betting you'll beat your neighbours by being the first to move in ;) I like that Carlisle show no signs of slowing. I sure hope mine's the same!

    Haha I'm not sure why they're invoicing for lock up stage when your laundry door is still off its track? ;)

    Can't wait to see your update next week! :D

    1. Haha yea, my ss actually told me that i probably wont be able to come in again on the weekend, but that door was like that =p

      Good for me that I actually can come and take some pictures.

      The only thing that I found is that right ensuite sink is a bit to close to the wall, hence a big person like me found it a bit hard to stand straight infront of the sink. So my other half will use that one =p

      However this cannot be change otherwise the sink wont line up to the middle of the cupboard below it.