Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Electrical Fit, Outside Water Tap & Door Accessories

Hi All,

Time for another update, unfortunately we cannot come into the house since it is a public holiday, so just a small update from what we can see from the outside

Internal Door Fitting

Trilock Door Handle

Outside Tap and One of the Junction Box

Kitchen Still with Incorrect Tap and Light Fittings

Alfresco Lights and Ceiling Fan

Laundry with Light Switch

Sensor Lights for Sides of The House
Front Facade Lights (Sensor)

Not Sure What Is This??


  1. Not Sure What Is This?? - Access to fill termite control agent...I think.

  2. It must be nice to have the handles on the doors installed at last! :) Especially the special trilock!

    That is a very pretty fan for the alfresco. The way my colour consultant described them I ended up not having one, because it sounded ugly and I decided I'd pick my own out later. I'm really pleased to see how nice they actually are!

    Outdoor lights! I can't wait to see your front facade lights on once the render is also installed!

    That green box definitely looks like the termite control thingy. I've been told it's a requirement by councils to have it installed.

    What do they still have left to do at this stage? Flooring and render, obviously, but it's hard to think what else there is at this stage. :) Have they said what they'll be doing next week?

    1. I'm currently away so there will be very little update these coming weeks. The ss told me today that the flooring has been done and he will send pictures when it is cleaned.

      This week will be cleaning the outside area, rendering and removing the temp fence. Then the traders will come back for maintenance (paint, windows, cupboards, etc). After that it will be another troughout builder cleaning inside out.

      I guess after that will be oven, exhaust and dishwasher fitting then its time for final inspection. ;) hopefully all will be ready when i come back.

    2. Oh wow! Now that's got to be fun to come back to! All the best while you're away, and I look forward to seeing your post when you're back :D