Sunday, 13 April 2014

Plumbing, Heat / Cooling Vent & Security Alarm

Hi All

Another update on the progress of the house :)

Kitchen sink, bath, toilet and most of the tap-ware has been installed. Unfortunately they got our kitchen mixer wrong, so now I have a choice either to keep it or ask Carlisle to change it to the one that we order. Which one do you think is better looking?

Soft Close Toilet

Mixer Tap Installed

Bath Tub

Shower Mixer Installed

Kitchen Sink with Incorrect Tap

The Right Tap, Which one is better?

Some of the electrical fitting have also been done, 3 Point Security Alarm has also been installed

Connection in Lounge Area

One of The PIR
Heating and Cooling Vents have also been done around the house. Now considering that we can close the vent manually by twisting it make no sense to do zoning at all! Just need to close on the rooms that you are not using.

Heating Vent

Cooling Vent


  1. Must be nice to see the toilet in place! Just a quick query, did you ask for the tiles in the toilet to be placed that way? Just I got told that they would be central and then have shortened tiles on either side, and now I'm wondered that I was lied to by my colour consultant (wouldn't be the first thing she was wrong about).

    I love your bathroom selections. They look wonderful, and it only gets better each time more of it is installed! :)

    I personally hate square/rectangular angles, so I would be asking Carlisle to install the much nicer one that you selected and is in your contract. It's their error and it shouldn't hold anything up, so unless you now like the look of the mistake kitchen sink mixer, it's well worth mentioning and getting resolved. As mentioned before though, that's just what I would do if it was my house - but I am rather stubborn like that. ;)

    Ooooo, so that's what the security system looks like? I'm getting the Hills 12 zone system with the 5 PIR, but I confess that I had little idea what it looked like or how it worked - I had been told by the colour browse lady that it would enable me to have SMS sent to my phone and that's what I wanted as my estate is quite far out and still being developed. It's nice to see how it will look!

    As someone who has lived with those exact vents - trust me, zoning may still be on your agenda at a later stage. Otherwise you have to constantly go around to each and every room that you don't want cooled and get up on a chair to close/open the vents and it gets very annoying. My sister needs the house air conditioned in summer to levels that have me bundled in a jumper - but there are some days I need that level of cooling because my bedroom has a north-facing window. After the first week of getting up and down to adjust the vent, I gave up and just learnt to have a fuzzy dressing gown on standby. Though I am particularly lazy, so again, that might just be me. Haha ^_^

    So much progress though! Hard to believe you have to wait a month :D

    1. Yup will ask Carlisle to replace the kitchen tap tomorrow.

      For the security system i'm wondering where will they put the other 2 PIR since I think 3 PIR is enough for Westwood currently it is front door, living and rumpus (probably you will have another one in laundry & master bedroom) as for the SMS, do you make sure you ask Carlisle to add another phone socket to connect the panel to a phone system? Otherwise I don't think it will be able to send sms.:)

      As for the zoning, I think you are right for the later, at the moment, it wil be just the two of us on a 4 bedroom house, so we will be closing all the vent in the other 3 bedroom and probably lounge too for at least another year :)

    2. Oh and about the tiles in toilet, we didnt even ask about that during color selection.

      In relation to the color consultant knowledge, i have a power point placed on the dining room on to alfresco wall. When the electrical rough in started just before plaster i can see that there is no cables around the place i want the power point to come in and i can see there is no way they can put it there because they have a lot of timber frame very close to the plaster on that area to support the glass doors (corner).

      I ask the ss and he said on rare occasion some points might need to be move to accomodate the frame and the color consultant will have no idea about this at the beginning.

    3. Can't wait to see your favourite kitchen sink mixer in its rightful place :)

      Argh, no I didn't think of that - the colour consultant never mentioned it, and I just assumed it would be done. T_T I had better enquire now, which is annoying because I had just signed contracts last week!

      Ah well, with 2 people that's easy to manage. :) I'll have my sister living with me, so I'll need it - I'm tired of freezing in summer!

      Ah, that's good to know about the powerpoints. Thanks for the heads up!

      I look forward to seeing what they've been doing in your next update! :D

    4. Update on the telephone line. I was not asked about it either during color consultation. I was under the impression that it is included because why would you not advise if it is needed to be fully function.

      I send an sms to my ss last week about it and he said it is not included. I then ask him why am i not informed about this and whether this can be rectified now. He said he will come back to me on that.

      It is as simple as drawing a cable from the main telecomunication unit to the panel so i hope it wont be too much of a problem. Will update you with the result.. :(

    5. Oh no! :( That's so stupid! Why didn't they tell us at colour selection?!

      I sure hope they include without penalty!

  2. Hi Congratulation. Can I request you the name and contact number of the person who doing your driveway and concrete around the house?

    1. Hi there, I use PERI Construction. They are based in tarneit victoria.

      I just updated the blog with the driveway result. They look very good!