Tuesday, 20 May 2014

PCI & Pre-Handover Private Inspection

Hi All!

It has been a while :) I have just came back from holiday and have the PCI inspection with my SS on the next day. The house has been finished and overall we are happy with the colors.

During the PCI, we had a lot of points (50+) to be fixed and rectified which most of them related to paints touch ups. However there are a lot more than that as well e.g marked windows, uneven drawer, uneven door handle, uneven power points, incorrect shower head on ensuite, incorrect switch allocation in laundry, incorrect kitchen taps (still), broken walls, etc etc...

And you think that is it? Nope... today we have a private inspection (which I am now sure that it is very important to have especially at this stage) to attend the house and he picked up another 44 points to be rectified including missing insulation bats, uneven ceiling (which is hard to fix), missing concrete tiles (which I called the SS straight away to be fixed because it is raining today), uncleaned return air (the tradies put empty bottles and woods scraps are not cleaned) etc etc...

Very disappointed with the inspection result :( but was expecting to have things that is not right at this point of time, however still not expecting it to be this much to fix. Hopefully Carlisle will be able to fully fixed and won't have to many excuses not to fix them.

Anyway now time for current photos :)


Ensuite sinks

Ensuite - incorrect shower head meant to be rain head shower

Ensuite - toilet

Master bedroom

Master bedroom





Kitchen - Still missing prespex doors and appliances





Carpet meets timber

Rooms hallway


Bathroom shower

I will never know if the private inspector did not open it...


  1. OH WOW! Overall, it looks stunning! :D

    Shame about all those errors though. I can't imagine that CH will have a problem fixing those - particularly cleaning the return air vent. I bet they're embarrassed and annoyed to learn about that one as much as you must have been.

    I love your flooring. It really finishes the house off. :D
    The render out the front is a beautiful colour - it's going to be perfect once you have your driveway in.

    I can't wait to hear that everything is rectified and you have a settlement date! Congrats on being so close, and I hope your holiday was plenty relaxing! :)

  2. Just got email back from carlisle regarding inspection report, all other than 2 minor things will be fixed. Overall very happy with the responds.

    I love the floor color too! The real thing looks even better!

    Settlement in two weeks. Now time to do all the other things (fencing, driveway, blinds, landscape and furnitures!)

    Cant wait!

  3. Loving the floor colour! I wonder if they still have that colour 10 months later! Great blog.

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