Monday, 9 June 2014

Settled, Driveway, Night Photos & Bathroom Funiture

Hi All!!

We have now settled the house with Carlisle. I can now say overall experience is excellent! All staff has been very helpful from start to end and I will recommend them to anyone.

The house is now officially ours and we have start to complete it. There are so many things to buy since we basically don't have any furniture (currently living in a fully furnished place) Thankfully it is a good time to buy with all the end of financial year sale :)

After settlement Carlisle will book another day to install the appliances, the day will be the day we suppose to move in because it is dangerous to leave this appliances when we are not move in as yet.

Our driveway has started to build, it will be exposed aggregate (white / brownish) in the front and colored (sand stone) around the house. We decided to put concrete a round the house as recommended by our private inspector and Carlisle Homes since we are building in a P soil area it is really important to keep our stab stable and avoid as much water as possible.

My SS also recommend grout sealing. Basically to avoid water get into the grout. So we went to Bunnings and get some Dunlop branded one. We went trough all the tiles and seal them one by one (took the whole day) it is a painful process but important to the longevity of the tiles

Fencing & Blinds will be done very soon as well!

Now photos :)

Welcome Pack!

Aggregate Driveway Preparation

Right side Concrete Pathways at 900mm

Left Side Concrete Pathways at 900mm

Front Aggregate Pathways & Drivway

Love Those Lights!!

Kitchen (Correct Tap) and Prespex Doors Just Missing Oven & Exhaust Fan

Painful Grout Sealing :(

Temporary Blinds =p

Ensuite Shower with Rainhead

Mondela Tower Rail @ Ensuite

Mondela Toilet Roll Holder @ Toilet & Ensuite


  1. OH WOW!! How did I missing this fabulous news?? Congratulations on settling and moving in to your new home! :D

    It looks WONDERFUL!

    I'm so glad all those errors and things got fixed - your choices look sooooo much better than what they'd mistakenly put in ;)

    I'd been looking at using grout sealer myself once my place is built, but damn that looks like a painful process! Still, it'll be well worth it!

    Ooooo, how did you stick up the temporary blinds?

    Just another quick question, are the towel rail and toilet roll holder things that you had to add afterwards?

    1. Hi thanks :)

      Grout sealing is important make sure you got it done!

      I stick up the temp blinds with bluetags :p but only until today because some the blinds will be installed today! Other are still waiting on fabric :(

      Yup towel rails abd holder i have to installed myself. It means you have to drill into your brand new home walls :(. I was very careful with the process to make sure everything is done correctly. Stud finder and spirit level is a great tool!

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