Monday, 3 February 2014

Slab Done!!!

Hi All!! 

At last some real progression going on. Our Slab has now done!! Very pleased with the height of the slab, it is very tall (taller than both side neighbors) which will make the house look taller which I think is better. 

I asked my SS in regards to some cracks on the edge of the slab, he said it is normal and will be will be fixed after frame before bricks goes up

FYI The invoice also come in the mail straight away =p

Frame will start from tomorrow and should be finished by mid next week! Can't wait :)


Porch & Front Door

Porch Looking at Master Bedroom

Alfresco & The House from the Back


  1. How exciting! So glad to see that you have a slab at last!

    Kind of a bummer to hear that the bill comes just as quickly...but at least it's not like some of the builders who send an invoice before the work is even done :P

    Did you stand on the slab? I can't wait for mine - I will definitely stand on the front porch and have a photo taken Hahaha :D

    1. Yupp, I will come back tomorrow to look at the frame.. Frame should be finished by tuesday.

      I did not stand on the slab =p.. Since i come a day after it was poured, i'm a bit worried that it will not set yet lol...

  2. I have a house that I am building. I have been looking into having different slabs for my house. There are a lot of different slabs to choose from. I hope that I will be able to be around when they put everything up soon.