Sunday, 23 February 2014

Roof, Windows & Glass Doors, Ducted Heating, Evap Cooling & Electrical Rough In

Hi All,

Another week has passed and it has been a busy week for our building. Roof has now been completed with heating and cooling unit installed.

From Front with Sand Read for Brick Mortar Mix
Back with Brick to be Installed & Evap Cooling Unit Installed
Looking and how the roof tiles just been put on top of the frame with no barrier make me think about Sarking, but it is a bit too late now =p hoping that the tiles will not leak like colorbond roof.

Roof from Inside

Windows has been installed on every rooms (We can now measure the windows correctly and look around for blinds), door frames & glass doors has been installed in all outdoor doors. Insulation Foil has been put in for most of the house.

Master Bedroom
Living Room - with Plaster Board to be Installed Next Week
Extra frame for double door in our lounge and sliding door for our en-suite has also been installed.

Lounge Entry with Double Sliding Door Frame
Bathtub Frame
Electrical rough in happen on Saturday this is when all the cabling works is done and plate is put in to support the light switches and connection (tv / data / phone) boards.

Tomorrow will be my second private inspection (Pre-plaster) I will be attending this one and will post the experience tomorrow night :)

Next week will be plaster, insulation batts and brick can't waitt!!! :)


  1. I am in awe. It may be just the shell, but it's already shaping up to be awesome. I love your lounge room doors. Can't wait to see it once all the plaster is up! :D

    1. Plaster is planned for tomorrow, so you will be able to see it this weekend :)

  2. It seems like everything is coming together at this time, and I’m sure everything looks great after it was finished! It’s good that you got the important stuff like heating and cooling done quickly, so that you can focus on other things, like plumbing and cabling. Anyway, I hope you’re having fun in your new home! All the best!

    Antonia Tran @ Mode Heating & Cooling

  3. you have told us everything about your new home step by step. It have seemed after reading your post that you are using everything strong. I can't wait to see your home when it is proper ready.