Saturday, 15 February 2014

Frame Completed & Private Inspection Report

Hi All!!

It has been another week passed and time for an update. Our frame has now finished and invoiced.

The frame finished on Tuesday and on Wednesday two inspection was done (Private by New Home Inspection and Surveyor hired by Carlisle) our inspection (private) result come good only 9 minor defect that needs to be fixed by Carlisle.

When we visit today, we met the carpenter and they are doing the follow up on the private inspection result and almost done with it.

Gutter, some bed frame, some plumbing & front door sidelight has been installed. There is a pile of roof tiles on the ground ready to be installed and packs of windows & glass doors to be installed.

Roof, windows & glass doors should be done by next week and the brick will come afterwards :)

Front Door Opening with Translucent Sidelight Installed

Dining Room (Center) Rumpus (Right) Alfresco (Left)

Windows & Glass Doors to be Installed

View From Backyard with Gutter Installed

Roof Tiles Waiting to be Installed

Bedrooms Corridor

Bathtub Location and Plumbing


Mid House Niche and Lounge on the Left

Kitchen & Living Room

Roof Truss 


  1. You must be really excited to see so much happening in such a short time! :)

    I can't believe they've delivered your windows and doors already - most people wouldn't get those for weeks yet!

    1. Yess! Very excited with the progress. I actually came back the next day to measure the extra noggins width and found that all the glass doors and windows already fitted :)

      Currently they are doing roof and bricks!! Cant wait :)

    2. Yikes that's fast! :D Windows, roof and bricks all so soon - yay!