Friday, 20 December 2013

4th Contract Variation, Final House Plan & Final Electrical Plan

We have now receive and signed our final drawing which mean we won't be able to make anymore changes to the plan unless we want to pay ridiculous amount of penalty.

So these are our final house plans :)

Final House Plan

The plan is mostly standard, the changes that we made are change the robe doors to sliding doors, add sliding doors to ensuite, add double sliding door to lounge, add wall opening to rumpus (from meal) & add extra noggins to future tv location for possible wall hung TVs

For the electrical, we manage to add 4 more power points before they finish the drawing which mean avoiding variation fee :)

Final Electrical Plan

For electrical we do plan to change all the normal batten lights to a down lights after handover & add garden lights in the back and front of the house (with the Junction Box) however at the moment we think the current plan will be enough :)

Our CLE also inform the changes to basin and toilet, she said that these are new standard item which will replace the old ones. They look very similar to the old ones, I think it is just different brand

Old Toilet                           >>>>                   New Toilet  

Old Basin                        >>>>                       New Basin  

Other than that, all have been good and we cannot wait till the house finished!


  1. Oh my gosh, your house looks so awesome! How exciting!

    When do they reckon your house will be finished?

    It's given me some great ideas about what I need to include in mine, so many thanks for posting your plans!

    I'm glad the product substitutions are almost identical - that's my preferred basin too! I would've hated having a square basin.

    1. Thanks :) Hoping when the real things is up it still look as awesome as then plan :)

      They have not given any dates but it usually 3 - 4 months (max 6 months)

      I don't know whether you have look into this post in homeone, but this help me alot when planning the house!

      Have a peek before you plan anything

  2. Heehee homeone is how I found your blog ;) I've got a spreadsheet of that exact list, including sorting out the ones I want and the bits I do. Not sure the budget will cover all of it, but I can only request the costings and find out!

    I hadn't thought of putting doors for the lounge room. Might be worth me thinking about asking for that too! It seems so logical now that you mention it :)

    What's the minimum number of heating ducts per zone that you can have?

  3. We choose to put door in lounge to make it either a theater or quite study, just in case we need one in the future and if dont, we can just leave the door open.

    As for the heating i think it is a minimum of 4 per zone, however in the end we decided not to get the zoning (only upgrade the heater to 4 star rating)

    The reason for this, if dont want to get at least 2 extra motor (about $600 each) you cannot switch between zone which mean one zone need to be on all the time the other on can be on or off this kinda defeat the purpose.

    Furthermore, there will be only 1 temperature checker in the house (not sure if you can ask for another one and how much). Having 2 zones with one temperature checker does not make sense.

    1. I remember my parents having doors on their lounge room years ago so that we kids could watch TV in one room and they could chat peacefully with friends in the lounge. Seems to me like you're onto a good idea!

      Ugh, I see your point about the heating. That's so silly about the zoning. Hrmmm. Maybe I need to do some more research. Thanks!

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