Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Color Browse

We went to our Color Browse at SPECTRA which is Carlisle Homes head office. The lady who help us there is very helpful but Carlisle may need to train them to answer more detailed questions (they ask us to wait until Color Selection).

In the end we have to ask some questions via email which is painstakingly take a long time to answer & do a lot of research our self. We do recommend visiting Homeone Forum for all your information. There are also specific Topic for Carlisle Homes

Standard Detailed Master Plan

Standard Electrical Plan

Color Browse (The place is huge and there so much more than this!!)

Timber Flooring


Door & Cabinet Handle

External Lights


Standard Cooktop

Stained Door (Upgrade)

Internal Door (Upgrade)

Garage Door (Upgrade)

Colorbond Colors

Standard Bath Tap

One of The Standard Basin

Standard Kitchen Tap

Microphone Rail Showerhead

Standard Rangehood

Shower Niche (Upgrade)

Security System (Upgrade)

One of The Standard Brick

One of The Standard Caesarstone 




Hot Water System


  1. So glad to see your blog!! I'm building the same house next year, and I've got a month to wait before my colour browse. Do you get a chance to look longer than the initial whirlwind tour? I can see you were able to take lots of photos, so I'm guessing they wouldn't mind if I did the same?
    :D Best wishes for a quick and untroubled build!

    1. Hi there, Congratulation for your commitment to build a Westwood 29!!

      I actually come in a week before the color browse to have a look, however the color browse itself is to have a look so there will be no different if the first time you come in is the color browse.

      You may stay as long as you like after or before the color browse. However keep in mind that the purpose is to browse, usually the person who will be advising you won't be able to explain more than the product itself (price etc)

      My build has also stop because of the Christmas period, but I will update the blog on the weekends with pictures after site scrape.

      If you have any question do ask, I would be happy to answer if I can.


  2. Thank you! You can bet I'll ask every possible question I can think of. Hahaha :) I've got a long-ish wait for my build start: June 2014.

    The wait for the building industry to start up again after Christmas must be frustrating. I know I'd be super impatient, but then I tend to get rather overexcited about houses and homes. ;)